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Melar Wellnes Industries

Wellness --  Our industry is based on the concept that the human body will maintain and repair itself if supplied with the proper building blocks. 

We have sorted through many companies and products to discover ones that work properly – ethical companies that provide good products and services, and products that supply the ingredients that the body needs.
We do not claim to have the only products that are effective.  There have been many products and procedures that have given positive results.  We have, however, endeavored to accumulate a group of items that together will address the common impediments to wellness.  These items each are chosen because they make a noticeable change for the better in a short time, frequently in one to three days. 

Any given condition of lack of wellness (fatigue, illnesses of many kinds, etc.) will typically require a combination of several items ( a recipe ), to supply various elements that are lacking.

Thus we can supply a group of recipes to provide the body with the elements needed to address common problems, or to improve the condition (wellness) of most any body.

We are not connected with the Health industry, which has taken several wrong paths in the past. 

Thus we do not Diagnose, Treat, or Cure any diseases.

We can supply ingredients and supplements so that you can help your body repair itself (just as it did for most everyone in their youth).